Chris Hiszpanski

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Jul 7
Check whether your browser supports WebRTC with the H.265 video codec.
Jun 16
Diagnosing and fixing a design flaw in an LG fridge.


May 26
Visualizing how bits are distributed amongst macroblocks in H.264.


Jan 10
How increasing loan payments a little reduces loan length a lot.
Jan 8
Silver linings of a pandemic.


Oct 12
Additive versus subtractive software development.
Aug 28
Virtual aquarium. Demo of cross-browser H.265/VP9 support.
Apr 30
Small-footprint WebRTC native C library for embedded systems.
Mar 23
What does it mean for a system to be 'secure'? Is a secure system achievable? 12 random characters make a secure password in most cases.


Dec 28
Was there really a spike in hospitalizations around Thanksgiving due to COVID-19? And when is the best time to go to the ER?
Dec 12
How AI supremacy will become the differentiating factor between superpowers.
Apr 5
When communicating via a socket, how does Linux select the source port? Is it truly random? Spoiler — its not.


Aug 9
What is packed-to-planar pixel conversion? Why is it needed?


Detecting cancerous cells via a convolutional neural network. Served via AWS Lambda and API Gateway.
Interactive solvent finder for chemical engineers. Serverless web app using jQuery and Datatables.js.
Beating heart screensaver for MacOS using OpenGL and marching-cubes algorithm.
SHA-256 hashing engine implemented as a systolic pipeline in VHDL for mining Bitcoin.
FPGA-based software radio for real-time signal processing. Started out as my master's project in 2007. Designed the schematic, pcb, wrote firmware, and developed basic software. Continued afterwards, developing MacOS applications for the peripheral.
Simple rule-based AI for the card game Spades.